I do not possess the powers of Common Sense. Movement is hard. Intuition is a strange thing that, if I’m to be perfectly honest, I can’t quite wrap my head around. It’s possible that somewhere in my head, there were stock parts that didn’t quite make it off the assembly line. So I made my own. They’re a bit odd and they don’t quite work in the same ways as the factory model, but I like them. 

So I’ll make this brief. Since i have this handy little platform, I’m going to write down some thoughts here. Those thoughts will be on the subject of Kunst des Fechtens. Namely, working my way through the Zettel, reading what the glossators have to say, and hopefully gleaning something from this that I can put into words that make sense to me. I’m not declaring anything as gospel here, however much a statement might appear as a declaration. The process of learning and internalizing the principles that make up my Art is a deeply personal one. And I would be delighted if those who would have me would come along for the ride. 

-Dan Halliday

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